My service includes

  • All repairs to double basses and violone
  • The bow hair
  • Building of double basses and violone
  • Dismantling to the violone
  • Construction of bass bows: Baroque bow + classical bow

A focus of my work is the construction and repair of double basses and violone.
Since November 2016 I have handed over violins, violas and violoncellos to Valentin Kaiser. He is now your contact person in the same workshop.


Double bass - Violone - Achtfussviolone

About me

In short summary


In 1978 I started my apprenticeship in Cremona at the violin making school. After the first two years of school I switched to Hartmut Münzberg in Heiligenberg. There I finished my apprenticeship in 1981 with the journeyman's examination.

Then I went to Berlin to work together with Bastian Muthesius for 2 1/2 years in a common workshop.


I completed my journeyman's time

Gerhard Neubauer in Vienna (1 year)

Pierre Gerber in Lausanne (1 year) and

Harmut Münzberg in Heiligenberg (3 years)

Master exam in Stuttgart

In 1989 I passed my master examination in Stuttgart successfully. Since then I work independently in Passau - In my workshop Valentin Kaiser works with me.

Awards / Prizes

2018 Bass Lucca , Bassmaker’s competition , 2. Silver Medal

2016 Bass Prague, Bassmaker’s competition, 1. Gold Medal

2014 Bass Almere City , Bassmaker’s competition, 3. Bronze Medal

Valentin Kaiser

Valentin Kaiser has been working with me since 2008. He successfully passed his master examination in 2016. Since November 2016 he has been responsible for everything concerning violin, viola and violoncello as an independent master violin maker. We work in the same workshop.

Please also look at his website:


I look forward to a personal conversation

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94032 Passau

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Oskar Kappelmeyer

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